Inspiration from Other Realms of Design: Pencil Skirt & Jacket

Illustration of the day:

An unusual concept for a draped jacket and pencil dress. Very kimonoesque with the twisted belt and bow at the back:

I was inspired in part by the Industrial Designer Tord Boontje (of whom I have a wonderful ceiling light). See some examples of his work here & here.

Couldn’t you just imagine a wedding gown design inspired by these? Well I must admit I do find inspiration from some very abstract sources sometimes, so you might not see how this could translate into bridal.. But that’s where my expertise comes in!

But if you like the inspiration and are prepared to see an idea transformed by myself, then I’ll design and create a big frothy gown with extraordinarily intricate detailing for you – and not only will it be wearable, it will sparkle like snowflakes falling..

Check my contact page to get the ball rolling.

x Sarah

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