For Beauty’s Sake! Don’t be in Pain on Your Wedding Day!

With all the media coverage of the Logie Awards recently, I’ve been hearing about celebrities who were instructed by their gown designer to wear corsets beneath their dresses that cinched them in so tightly they hurt their ribs and got bruise marks! (talk about unrealistic expectations!)

The same goes with footwear. These women were told to wear heels so tall that they could barely walk – just to add 10 inches to their height.

Of course I adore heels! (Every girl does..) but as a designer, I love to make women look their best. My aesthetic is that women should look beautiful and feminine, but they should also FEEL beautiful and feminine! If you can’t walk, it hurts to stand and you can’t sit down, let alone comfortably breath – then there is a problem with what you are wearing!

My version of the cinched-in look..

It truly is possible for you to look gorgeous without forcing yourself into uncomfortable garments. By considering your propotions, height and colouring as I do when I design, you will absolutely look your best!

If you love huge ballgowns, but you’re very petite and could be engulfed by wearing such a design – I can craft a design with these features that works for you.

Or if you want something figure hugging but that gives you a slim waist look, it’s all about playing with the proportions of the design strategically. Even ‘semiotics’ can play a role in the visual appeal of how a gown looks..

So don’t fear – you don’t have to be in pain on your wedding day! It’s such an incredible day you only get to enjoy once, so don’t make the mistake of being uncomfortable..

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x Sarah


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