Creating an icon – A little history of Sarah Alice Andrews – Bridal Couturier

Hi Lovely Brides & Wedding Professionals,

I’ve seen so many lovely couples get engaged over the Christmas and New Year break – which is very exciting! So it’s just a short post this week as we have so many new enquiries and bookings to attend to!

Here’s a little history about the creativity behind our business – Our Logo. A great deal of thought was put into my logo (as with everything but especially my gorgeous bride’s wedding dresses! So I wanted to convey what our business is about and a little of our style. After some brainstorming we came up with this:

(This is the pretty web version – I adore Photoshop & all it’s possibilities! I’ve even used it to create fabric prints..)

The design was taken from some draping I created on a mannequin and then photographed from different angles. If you’ve ever wondered what I’m talking about when I mention “draping” well this is a good indication of what it is. As you can see it can be quite complicated, sculptural and artistic. There are no rules, except that when the draping is to be actually worn by a bride I think deeply about her proportions and what would suit her – But for this project I could let my imagination run wild!

Draping of this nature is impossible to replicate or copy and this is one of the many reasons I like to create ‘One Off’ couture creations for each individual bride.

I did the draping in a fine cotton voile because it has a wonderful strength & hold to drape & also a luminescent organza. Not every fabric can create these types of shapes because they are too soft or heavy. I have an excellent understanding of fabrics so depending on the look that you would like to achieve for your wedding gown I can assist you in making the right choices – whether I supply the fabric myself or if you have your own.

The draping of our logo is a bit abstract but it has a certain etherial quality and I could imagine working it further to create a sleeve or a bustle on the back of a ball gown etc. – Of course not everything I do is so avant-garde! I love to create subtle draping too across the waist line or around the bust to make a figure look slim, classical and elegant, but a logo should be a real showcase!

I hope you like it.. For questions or comments please visit my: Facebook or Twitter or send me an Email.

Thanks! x Sarah Alice Andrews


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