Wedding Gown Designs: You don’t have to settle for ‘Almost Perfect’

Hello to all my lovely brides & friends!

For those of you are finding it hard to find the ‘perfect’ design for your wedding gown, perhaps it’s a simple solution of combining elements you like together. Here are some designs that combine the same components but as you can see I have used them in different ways to create something totally unique!

If you want a traditional and very pretty style we could create something for you like this gown which has French scalloped lace edges on the sleeves and neckline:

Or if you like some aspects of the design above but you want something easy to move and dance in, you might like a shorter length version of the same design – T-Length bridal gowns are becoming quite popular these days believe it or not! Even as a second wedding dress for the reception. We could create it with or without the capped sleeves:

& another very pretty example:

We could keep the skirt very simple in a beautiful silk satin and make the bodice a really ornate and detailed feature with lots of panel work, embroidery and beading. Or if you preferred, we could even add some detail on the skirt as well and make it very rich like a brocade look.

These examples are some more obvious interpretations playing on long and short lengths, however the same thing applies to very simple changes. Perhaps you just want a different neckline, slightly more fitted skirt, or more beading on the bodice.. All these options are possible when you get your wedding gown created by a true couture designer. And you don’t have to be sure of what you want. That’s where our expertise comes in! Just contact us for a consultation and we will go from there!

Have a great week & happy wedding planning!

x Sarah Alice Andrews.

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