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As Seen In Cosmopolitan Bride: We celebrate our ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Editorial.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Hello to all my lovely brides-to-be, wedding vendor friends and readers,

We are published! We were so excited to be featured by Cosmopolitan Bride in their May 2013 Australian issue.

Cosmopolitan Bride Australia May 2013 Cover with model holding a rabbit in her couture wedding dress by Sarah Alice Andrews - Bridal Couturier(Left) Cosmo Bride Front Cover. (Right) Our featured wedding/evening gown by Sarah Alice Andrews – Bridal Couturier.

Model wearing her cotton bustier wedding dress with ribbon embroidery holds a brown bunny rabbit in an editorial by Cosmopolitan Bride magazine

How appropriate my gown is featured with an adorable bunny! I LOVE animals.. Thank you again to Cosmo bride for featuring my gown in your publication. We were literally scouted at the One Fine Day Sydney wedding fair in February 2013 by a Cosmo Bride Fashion Editor who just HAD to photograph my couture wedding gown for the May 2013 magazine issue with an ‘Alice in Wonderland Theme’.

The gown details are: Bustier in vintage printed cotton with rose transfer print and ornate ribbon embroidery on the bustline. There is also a belt covered in ribbon embroidery which is detachable and was not shown in the Cosmo editorial, but you can see what it looks like below: Image by Foster Photography:

Ribbon embroidery and beading on a bow belt finishes off a floral print bustier and pale pink silk dupion skirtIt’s a very romantic and modern slimline gown with an abstract avant garde feel about it with all the interesting draping of the back. The skirt is attached in pink silk dupion in a fitted mermaid style. There are lots of other photos of this gown if you’d like to get a better idea what it looks like (here on the blog) and (here scroll down midway in the gallery).

This gown is available to order in any fabric and colour of your choice OR I am selling the sample at a discounted price.  The sample is approximately a size 10 but can be altered to fit a size 8 or 12. Contact me for prices, specific measurements and if you’d like to come and try it on or view it in more detail.

There is a big flower like ruffle at the back of the original gown, but it can be easily taken off if you want a more streamlined look. It’s perfect for the fashion forward bride or an evening gown look as it’s not the traditional white colour (the skirt is a pale pink dupion)..

Contact me for any enquiries by sending me an email to or give me a call on (Sarah) ph. 0431 977 814.

I hope you have a lovely week! Keep in touch:

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x Sarah

Polka Dot Wisdom – One Fine Day Sydney Review:

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve been rather slack with my blog posting lately! (That’s because I’m super busy making beautiful dresses..) But I have received tonnes of publicity recently, so I’ll try to share some of the features with you starting with this article by the lovely Ms Herringbone of Polka Dot Wisdom (Polka Dot Bride).

Lovely post by Ms Herringbone don’t you think? It was such an enjoyable fair to be a part of.. There were so many gorgeous ideas to make your wedding totally unique.

I downsized the post so you can download it faster in your browser, but you can read the entire post here:

If you’re considering having a couture bridal gown created for your wedding day, then send me an email or give me a call. I do free consultations where we can discuss the type of gown you’d like to have created. I’m also happy to liaise (initially) over email: Contact me here:

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Feel free to send me any comments about this blog post via Facebook or Twitter or send me an email!

Happy Wedding Planning! x Sarah

It’s a Wrap! One Fine Day Sydney – Wedding Fair Photos & Video:

Monday, March 11th, 2013

For those of you who didn’t make it to the One Fine Day Sydney wedding fair in February, you missed a wonderful day full of wedding inspiration! Loads of extremely creative vendors including photographers, wedding venues, caterers, DJs, wedding planners and us of course!

Over the two days, I made new friends such as makeup artist Liv Lundelius. I got to say hi to some of my lovely existing clients and I met a few wedding vendors I follow on social media including celebrant Sarah Cummings!

I was also approached by several bridal mag stylists and have some up and coming features (Hush Hush).. And MOST importantly I met loads of newly engaged brides who are just starting their wedding planning! It really was a great weekend!

I was quite proud of our wedding gown exhibit in the ‘Ladies Dressing Room’ at One Fine Day Sydney. I derived the whole design concept for our booth from my website so that we’d be instantly recognisable!

One of the decorations we used was ‘foamy’ roses (I just love the texture of them).. They have bendy stems so you can loop them around furniture and of course they won’t die or wilt so you can set them up days before your wedding and do really creative things with them.

We also tied silk dupion bows around the furniture and had pieces of lace and rolls of fabric draped artfully. Everything was DIY and easy to set up and (take down) in a short space of time.

A major attraction to the wedding fair was the ‘Gallery Space’. We featured several gowns on models in this space who rotated to different plinths in a kind of live gallery. We received loads of comments about our gowns for their uniqueness and wow factor! One of the models told me on Instagram that my pink wedding dress was her favourite gown to wear in the whole show..

If you’d like to see a little more of the weekend that was.. (and plan to go to the next One Fine Day Sydney event which I believe will be early next year) you can have a look at the official video from One Fine Day Sydney made by Paper Cranes below. A couple of our gowns are featured in the video too!

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And if you’d like more information about how to have a made-to-measure couture wedding gown created just for you and made to your individual measurements, send us an email or call us: Details on our contact page. Or have a look at our Gallery for ideas or Creation of Your Gown page for FAQs.

Happy Wedding Planning! x Sarah

Natalija & Jonathon’s Green & Pink Vintage Styled Wedding as Seen on Polka Dot Bride:

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Well what a huge beginning to the year we have had! Lots of big things have been happening at the studio and I have so much to share with you all since my last blog post!

First of all I’d like to share the gorgeous wedding of Natalija (Natalie) and Jonathon who were married in November 2012.

To create Natalija’s bridal gown we chose a blush pink silk dupion overlaid with ivory tulle and a rich ivory Guipure lace which we embellished with pearls and chiffon to create some delicate detailing.

Natalija was lucky enough to have her wedding featured on Polka Dot Bride as you can see below. Looking at how Natalija brought all the gorgeous elements together with the help of some amazing vendors, you can see why it was featured:

You can view the original blog post from Polka Dot Bride blog here:

Natalija was also kind enough to send me some extra photos of her wedding, so you can look forward to seeing more details of her gown with it’s fabulous kimono-esque bow detail and Guipure lace in a future blog post!

For more information about how to have a made-to-measure couture wedding gown created just for you in your choice of colour, silk fabric and style and made to your individual measurements, send us an email or call us: Contact us here:

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Happy Wedding Planning! x Sarah

“The Knot” Showcases Our Romantic Low Back Wedding Gowns:

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Hello lovely brides, fellow vendors and readers!

I thought I would share some of our recent publicity from The Knot!

You can click through to see the original article here:

It’s always interesting to see what comparisons other people draw between my bridal gowns and other influences. I like that they referenced the Indian Sari look as I do love those textiles and I would LOVE to plan a trip to India one day..

And we were also featured on this “Portrait Back Wedding Dress Gallery” below:

Here is the link for this article here:

For more information about how to have a made-to-measure couture wedding gown created just for you in your choice of colour, silk fabric and style and made to your individual measurements, send us an email or call us: Contact us here:

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Happy Wedding Planning! x Sarah

Recent Publicity on The Knot:

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Hello to all my lovely brides & vendor readers,

I thought I’d share another snippet of our recent publicity. This one is from The Knot which I’m sure every bride knows! We were one of their featured suppliers in their e-newsletter on 28th August 2012.

You can see an online version of this email newsletter here: The Knot.

Don’t forget to tell all your friends about us! We create more than just wedding gowns, also mother of the bride & groom, bridesmaids, boutonnières for your groomsmen & special head pieces & accessories to match your wedding gown.

x Sarah

Check out today’s Friday Roundup for our feature on Polka Dot Bride:

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Hello everyone,

I’m doing an extra snippet blog today to mention a news item being featured on today’s Polka Dot Bride’s Friday Roundup:

That’s right – I am making a trip for two days to Brisbane on Friday 14th September until Saturday 15th September (2 day trip) and I will be doing bridal gown consultations for Brisbane brides looking for a couture made-to-measure wedding gown on those two days between Friday 14th Sept morning 11am – 6pm until Saturday 15th Sept afternoon 10am – 5pm.

These consultations are strictly by appointment only as I have a very limited number of spots still available and I give totally dedicated time to each Bride.

At your appointment, I will sit down with you and we can talk about your dream wedding dress and what ideas you have or if you’re not sure what you would like, you can look through some of my designs and I’ll sketch up some ideas that I think would suit you.

We will then discuss suitable silks, laces and other materials to start bringing your gown to life!

Consultations are free and there is no obligation to go ahead with the design. – I always welcome plenty of discussion via email or phone as you have a think about the designs I have done for you and decide if they’re right for your wedding.

If you’d like any further info about how I conduct a consultation for my interstate brides you can see my blog link here:

Look out for the 7th September 2012 Friday Round Up blog post on Polka Dot Bride here:

To book an appointment please call or send me an email – details on my contact page.

Phone: 0431 977 814 (Sarah)


x Sarah