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Looking for something to do this Saturday? Refresh your wardrobe and support World Change!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

My good friend Louise is holding her 4th “Under A Tree Clothing Exchange” this coming Saturday 4th May in Brisbane. So if you’re looking for something fun to do – and perhaps find some new pieces for your winter wardrobe then you should check it out!

What is a “clothing exchange” you might ask? It is an event where you take some quality clothes from your wardrobe that you don’t want or need anymore and you exchange them for other clothing items that are available on the day.

These could be dresses or tops, skirts, jackets, pants etc, even accessories including belts, hats or gloves. But they must be in good condition and not old and worn looking. You will be selecting from items other participants have brought along so make sure you bring things you think people would want.

Chatting with Louise, she told me that they will have volunteers available on the day to help you select something if you need help. And if you’re planning to go to this event alone, you can still have a lovely time. – Louise and her volunteers will make sure you meet people while you listen to live music at the event and enjoy tea and biscuits at pretty tables set up throughout the venue.


It’s all happening at a previous Under A Tree Clothing Exchange as people pick out their new items of clothing..


But there is more to this event than just swapping clothes. A Pot of Tea Under A Tree supports the Somaly Mam Foundation which is a charity which literally rescues young girls from sexual slavery in Cambodia. Louise tells me that “1 in 40 girls in Cambodia are sold into sexual slavery from as young as 4 years old.” How horrific is that!


But by holding these events to raise money for the Somali Mam project, A Pot of Tea Under a Tree has raised enough money to save 16 girls from Camodian brothels.


Louise’s mum Anne-Marie, Louise & myself (Sarah) at the launch of Project Futures in 2011 where we met Somaly Mam.


Check out the website for more information about the clothing exchange: and follow the links for information about the Somaly Mam Foundation.


Unfortunately I will be at my head quarters in Sydney this weekend! Lots of bridal fittings happening.. But if you are in Brisbane and you are able to go, I’d love to hear how you enjoyed it!


And if you’re considering having a couture wedding gown created just for you and made to your individual measurements, send us an email or call us. I do free consultations where we can discuss your gown and I’m also happy to liaise (initially) over email: Contact us here:

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Happy Wedding Planning! x Sarah

It’s a Wrap! One Fine Day Sydney – Wedding Fair Photos & Video:

Monday, March 11th, 2013

For those of you who didn’t make it to the One Fine Day Sydney wedding fair in February, you missed a wonderful day full of wedding inspiration! Loads of extremely creative vendors including photographers, wedding venues, caterers, DJs, wedding planners and us of course!

Over the two days, I made new friends such as makeup artist Liv Lundelius. I got to say hi to some of my lovely existing clients and I met a few wedding vendors I follow on social media including celebrant Sarah Cummings!

I was also approached by several bridal mag stylists and have some up and coming features (Hush Hush).. And MOST importantly I met loads of newly engaged brides who are just starting their wedding planning! It really was a great weekend!

I was quite proud of our wedding gown exhibit in the ‘Ladies Dressing Room’ at One Fine Day Sydney. I derived the whole design concept for our booth from my website so that we’d be instantly recognisable!

One of the decorations we used was ‘foamy’ roses (I just love the texture of them).. They have bendy stems so you can loop them around furniture and of course they won’t die or wilt so you can set them up days before your wedding and do really creative things with them.

We also tied silk dupion bows around the furniture and had pieces of lace and rolls of fabric draped artfully. Everything was DIY and easy to set up and (take down) in a short space of time.

A major attraction to the wedding fair was the ‘Gallery Space’. We featured several gowns on models in this space who rotated to different plinths in a kind of live gallery. We received loads of comments about our gowns for their uniqueness and wow factor! One of the models told me on Instagram that my pink wedding dress was her favourite gown to wear in the whole show..

If you’d like to see a little more of the weekend that was.. (and plan to go to the next One Fine Day Sydney event which I believe will be early next year) you can have a look at the official video from One Fine Day Sydney made by Paper Cranes below. A couple of our gowns are featured in the video too!

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Happy Wedding Planning! x Sarah

The Beginnings of a Couture Bridal Gown Design: An Insider’s Look.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Hello everyone,

For those of you are curious about how I create my couture wedding gown designs, it often happens on the mannequin. I start by draping scraps of fabric so that I can ensure that the ideas I have sketched or am visualising can technically work on the proportions of the human body.

Here are a few images of the process I went through for one of my recent bridal gown creations (This was from Rebecca’s wedding gown design). We call this ‘toiling’ or creating a ‘toile’. Usually toiling is done in calico cotton, but for these early draping sessions I used scraps of fabrics which would have similar texture to what the real wedding gown fabrics would feel like.

Some Instagram photos. To follow me on Instagram: @sarahcouturier

And below are some photos of the actual toile bride Rebecca tried on during one of her early fittings. You can see this one is in calico cotton. (And then later when we were happy with the design and proportions we made the real couture wedding gown in beautiful silk fabrics):

 And yes all this hand draping was done by myself. If you’d like to see how this gown turned out in the silk fabrics when it was finished, then make sure you check out my previous blog post about Rebecca & Paul’s wedding.

 Hope you enjoyed, if you’d like more information about how you can have your own couture wedding gown designed and made by us then you can contact or follow us via the following:

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Instagram: @sarahcouturier

x Sarah

What’s Happening at our Couture Studio: September News Update

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Hi lovely brides, vendors and readers,

As many of you would know October and November are VERY busy months for weddings! So we have been incredibly busy finishing off gowns for our lovely brides and preparing for the early 2013 weddings as well!

Each of our bridal gowns are SO different to each other so we are really enjoying working on all of them. The chantilly laces are exquisite, the silk fabrics are exceptional quality and the hues range from white, ivory, pink to beige.

Some have gorgeous rinestone beading, while others are all about the draping and ruffles or an incredible French lace that I handpicked for the gown.

I can’t wait to share the photos not only from the weddings but also from the behind the scenes making of these bridal gowns. It’s hard to imagine just how much delicate hand-work, time, sweat, tears and love goes into each couture gown and why you would choose to have your wedding dress custom made as opposed to buying it off the rack.

Things to look out for in the next couple of months – a new Glamour Photoshoot with Foster Photography of one of my gorgeous brides and also more posts of Real Weddings!

Remember, I post every 2 weeks on a Wednesday so check my Facebook or Twitter to see updates about new posts. I know some of my readers would prefer I blogged more often, but we’re very busy making your gorgeous wedding dresses here so we don’t have much time to spend online!

x Sarah

Something Old (into) Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Designer..

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Hello to all my lovely clients, brides, and followers!

Since we recently updated our The Designer profile images, I thought I’d share a little bit of inspiration about what inspired the jacket I created and wore in the original Designer page shoot:

These images were taken by the very talented Robin Foster of Foster Photography.

I was inspired to create this jacket design when I was exploring an antique store in Paddington and I came across an old brocade blanket.. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it, despite many concerned looks from my friends..

I designed, pattern made and sewed the whole thing myself (quite a labour of love). I carefully matched up all the intricate designs of the panels and I hand stitched the button holes. As for the buttons.. Well I was very happy when I found those gorgeous copper metal ones.

So as you can see we have wide ranging services available apart from our couture bridal niche.. We can create whole outfits and styled looks for Mother of the Bride or Groom, Bridesmaids, Formal dresses, Racewear etc.. With couture made-to-measure design the list can include anything you wish to wear and in any size you require..

If you would like to discuss your wedding gown design OR another outfit, give me a call or send me an email – details on my contact page.

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x Sarah Alice Andrews

A glimpse into the bridal gown designer’s studio:

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Hello everyone,

This afternoon I am preparing to sew beads and tiny clear sequins on to the corded lace of a wedding dress, so I thought I’d share with you a little something from the studio before I begin:

It’s another angle of some of my wedding gown designs..

It’s always interesting to see how they appear in photographs and I’m always conscious of how the design looks with the bride wearing it from every single angle. No one will be photographed more than the bride – and with all of your friends and family hoping to take photos of you walking up the aisle and dancing with your new husband in your couture wedding gown – we don’t know what angles will be snapped.. So we must make sure you look good in all possible ways!

If you would like to discuss your wedding gown design and the ‘angles you would like to feature or discreetly minimise’, just give me a call or send me an email – details on my contact page.

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x Sarah Alice Andrews

Having your Wedding Gown Designed & Made-to-Measure: A Step by Step Guide to the Consultation Experience

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Hello to all the lovely Brides-to-be, Wedding Professionals & Friends,

For those of you who are curious about what happens in an initial wedding gown consultation, here are a series of photos to show you what I do:

  • First we talk about the type of design you would like. For some brides, you may have a very clear idea of what you want and we will start with this as the basis of our discussion.
  • For other brides you may give me just a brief description of what you would like, or maybe you would like to look through some wedding dress designs I have done in my look book for inspiration.
  • I am always delighted to create something from scratch if you would prefer. I will consider your personality and body shape, the type of wedding day you are having and also the season and climate and I will come up with a range of ideas that I feel would suit you.
  • Depending on the complexity of the wedding gown design and the ideas we have, I may need to work on the design and really refine it so another meeting may be necessary before we finalise it. You’re always welcome to email me with any ideas you have prior to meeting, as this will speed up the process so I can pre-prepare some designs before I meet with you.

  • Once we have finalised your bridal gown design, we will then discuss the fabrics that would best suit the style that you are going for. I normally supply all fabrications as I have access to the best suppliers of the highest quality silks and laces. However, you are welcome to bring your own materials if you have already purchased them or if you have a beautiful heirloom lace you would like incorporated for example..
  • The laces I use are often woven in France on the original 19th Century looms and I select the perfect lace for each gown based on what I feel will be most suited to that design. Some laces can take months to arrive from France as they are often woven especially to order.
  • If you’re having a gown with lace, we will need to choose the lace prior to finalising the fabrics completely so that we ensure the shade of the lace and the silk are perfectly matched.

  • Next we get your measurements so I can start on the toile (calico cotton version of your gown) with my team. And the process of creating your dream wedding gown has begun!
  • If you are planning to loose (or gain) weight before your wedding, just let me know. We can still start your gown immediately, but depending on how much weight you intend to loose it will determine how early we can start doing major fittings.

These photos were taken in my mother’s gallery: Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery in Brisbane, Paddington. This is where I conduct all initial consultations with my Brisbane clients. For all other interstate clients I try to plan as much as possible via email and phone until you’re ready to meet in person in my Sydney base. (If you live in Sydney – it will be even easier for you as we can do everything locally).

We then plan out a series of fittings where all my Brisbane and other interstate brides can book their flights in advance to Sydney (where I am based and I do all fittings). Some clients choose to make just a day trip to Sydney – flying in and out for their fitting in one day. However others may stay for a few days and have a holiday..

I have some gorgeous clients from Sydney and also interstate, and it’s such a pleasure to work with all of them. The client above is Cate who is based in Brisbane and will be flying down for her fittings. I’m sure you’ll see more of her on my blog, but to keep her wedding dress a very special surprise for her family, friends and most importantly fiance, I’ll wait until after her wedding before I post more photos of her!

Sarah Alice Andrews

Behind the Scenes: The makings of a Bridal Gown Couture Photoshoot

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Hi lovely Brides to be, Friends and Wedding Professionals!

We were very lucky on the day of our first ever wedding gown photoshoot to have Elisabeth Nimmo, produce a short film of the ‘behind the scenes’..



Elisabeth is so incredibly talented and I just love how she created this short film and really captured the atmosphere and unfoldings of the day as we produced the photos for my couture bridal wedding gowns..

I adore the music Elisabeth chose for this short film too: “My Muse” by Sarah Jarosz. I think it’s going to become a personal favourite..


Short Film: Elisabeth Nimmo of Elisabeth Nimmo Photography

Photography: Robin Foster of Foster Photography

Hair & Makeup Artist: Deb Pevitt from Canary Hair and Beauty

General Assistance & Catering (Lifesaver you might say!) my artist mother Robyn Bauer of Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery

Couture Bridal Wedding Dresses: by myself – Sarah Alice Andrews – Bridal Couturier

Let me know what you think of this video! Write a comment on my Twitter or Facebook!

x Sarah


Video: The Design of a Wedding Gown – Illustrations by a Couture Designer

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Hello to all my lovely friends, brides & clients!

If you’ve ever wondered what a couture fashion designer does when they are creating a new gown design, than this little video will give you some insight!

I get down to basics with lots of sketches.. Putting graphite or pen to paper & getting immersed in creativity before I start draping fabric on the mannequin & creating the real shapes.

It’s very short & simple video created in my studio but I hope you enjoy!


As always – I’d love to hear your thoughts & comments. You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter & email me – find all the details on my Contact Page. Also, we’re now on Pinterest!

x Sarah.

Creating an icon – A little history of Sarah Alice Andrews – Bridal Couturier

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Hi Lovely Brides & Wedding Professionals,

I’ve seen so many lovely couples get engaged over the Christmas and New Year break – which is very exciting! So it’s just a short post this week as we have so many new enquiries and bookings to attend to!

Here’s a little history about the creativity behind our business – Our Logo. A great deal of thought was put into my logo (as with everything but especially my gorgeous bride’s wedding dresses! So I wanted to convey what our business is about and a little of our style. After some brainstorming we came up with this:

(This is the pretty web version – I adore Photoshop & all it’s possibilities! I’ve even used it to create fabric prints..)

The design was taken from some draping I created on a mannequin and then photographed from different angles. If you’ve ever wondered what I’m talking about when I mention “draping” well this is a good indication of what it is. As you can see it can be quite complicated, sculptural and artistic. There are no rules, except that when the draping is to be actually worn by a bride I think deeply about her proportions and what would suit her – But for this project I could let my imagination run wild!

Draping of this nature is impossible to replicate or copy and this is one of the many reasons I like to create ‘One Off’ couture creations for each individual bride.

I did the draping in a fine cotton voile because it has a wonderful strength & hold to drape & also a luminescent organza. Not every fabric can create these types of shapes because they are too soft or heavy. I have an excellent understanding of fabrics so depending on the look that you would like to achieve for your wedding gown I can assist you in making the right choices – whether I supply the fabric myself or if you have your own.

The draping of our logo is a bit abstract but it has a certain etherial quality and I could imagine working it further to create a sleeve or a bustle on the back of a ball gown etc. – Of course not everything I do is so avant-garde! I love to create subtle draping too across the waist line or around the bust to make a figure look slim, classical and elegant, but a logo should be a real showcase!

I hope you like it.. For questions or comments please visit my: Facebook or Twitter or send me an Email.

Thanks! x Sarah Alice Andrews