Choosing your wedding gown style with a blank canvas & an open mind!

Hello lovely brides, wedding vendors and friends,

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about design after lots of reflection about all the gorgeous wedding gowns I have created since I have been in business..

As a fashion designer it’s great to see how each wedding gown evolves and it’s especially exciting when I have a client who is comfortable to let me design her bridal gown based on my delicate design aesthetic.

I do love seeing your ideas including photos and sketches you have collected. It’s also important for me to be aware of fashion trends, weddings and haute couture collections. Some of you may have imagined your wedding gown for years.. And even if you haven’t it’s just a matter of a quick search on Google Images or Pinterest to be overloaded with wedding dress images! So it’s almost impossible not to have some clear ideas about what you want your wedding gown to be like!

However I still think it’s a great process to design your gown without looking at lots of photos but to start instead with a blank piece of paper. If we sit down and discuss your wedding and the type of atmosphere and theme you want for the day I can get a feel for the type of wedding you’re having and what sort of gown would be perfect for that occasion.

We can also discuss what aspects of your figure you want to show off (and also those things you’d like to disguise..). We can look through some of my sketches so you can point out the ideas you like and I will create a design that will really suit you and your wedding day theme!

An example of a client who went through this process was Cate (pictured above left). As Cate lives in Brisbane (and I am based in Sydney), we had a phone conversation about how her wedding was going to be styled, the venue etc and what Cate’s fiancé was going to wear. I met Cate in Brisbane a little while later and we discussed some designs I had created to show her and she told me which ones she liked and we created a final design from there.

I was really proud to have created Cate’s bridal gown – knowing she was so happy with it and that it suited her style so perfectly. Cate was an unusual client because she never collected any photos of wedding gown images at all! Cate allowed herself to be a blank canvas!

It was a huge challenge to design a wedding gown for Cate with only a telephone conversation, some photos of Cate on my mac and a blank piece of paper! But this process worked so well because Cate trusted me completely. While on my short trip to Brisbane, I showed Cate my ideas for her gown and we discussed them in detail and put these ideas into one final design.

You might have noticed Cate’s couture wedding dress on my Home Page, but if you haven’t here’s another sneek peek until I post a full blog about her wedding very soon!

Image above by Foster Photography. (I love their photography style. You can have a look at more of their work here:

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