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Behind the Scenes: The makings of a Bridal Gown Couture Photoshoot

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Hi lovely Brides to be, Friends and Wedding Professionals!

We were very lucky on the day of our first ever wedding gown photoshoot to have Elisabeth Nimmo, produce a short film of the ‘behind the scenes’..



Elisabeth is so incredibly talented and I just love how she created this short film and really captured the atmosphere and unfoldings of the day as we produced the photos for my couture bridal wedding gowns..

I adore the music Elisabeth chose for this short film too: “My Muse” by Sarah Jarosz. I think it’s going to become a personal favourite..


Short Film: Elisabeth Nimmo of Elisabeth Nimmo Photography

Photography: Robin Foster of Foster Photography

Hair & Makeup Artist: Deb Pevitt from Canary Hair and Beauty

General Assistance & Catering (Lifesaver you might say!) my artist mother Robyn Bauer of Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery

Couture Bridal Wedding Dresses: by myself – Sarah Alice Andrews – Bridal Couturier

Let me know what you think of this video! Write a comment on my Twitter or Facebook!

x Sarah


Photos: The cutting edge of wedding gown couture – celebrating our first ever Photoshoot!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Hello to all my lovely brides & fellow wedding professionals!

We are very excited to showcase our very first photo shoot here at Sarah Alice Andrews – Bridal Couturier. These bridal gowns are available to order totally custom made to your individual measurements. Or if you like an element about one of the gowns such as the embellishments, fabrications or just something about the style, then we can design a unique wedding gown for you with one of these elements.

I wanted to create these wedding gowns to give you a little sample of our work and feminine aesthetic. These gowns are a little bit ‘Red Carpet’ but still very bridal as I took the opportunity to create styles that are a little fashion forward, even using a bit of colour which is something that my last blog post alluded to..

Of course we understand that each bride is totally unique and you may have a very different idea in mind for Your wedding day – but if you make an appointment with myself, I will sit down with you and discuss what your perfect wedding dress would look like and we can create a design that you love.

Fabrics used include the finest silk dupions, silk organza, silk taffeta, a beautiful French ‘Leavers’ lace with a scalloped edge, very fine English tulle and even vintage printed cotton. I created my own special ‘Ribbon’ embroidery which is the belt you can see on the slinky gown with ruffles and there was even some experimental fabric printing.

The French Leavers lace was hand woven on a 19th century loom in France which I had woven especially. Many of the laces I use are created this way. I searched through hundreds of different laces to find the perfect lace which I often do for my bridal clients to suit the vision we have for your wedding gown.

I would like to thank Robin Foster of Foster Photography who did the stunning photography on this shoot. Robin is a colleague of mine who I met when she shot catalogues for the international wedding gown and bridesmaids label I was designing for at the time.

I just adore Robin’s work and she did such an incredible job at realising my vision for this shoot. Having worked with a number of photographers in my career I knew there was no one else I wanted to work with more because I love the way she creates beautiful feminine poses for the models – she really knows how to get the best pose or look from a model or real bride, groom or client by making them feel really comfortable and finding a pose that suits them and their body language.

Robin also specialises in wedding photography and I love how she can capture such expressive moments in a wedding day of you and the people who are important to you. You can see more of her work here:

And I would also like to thank Deb from Canary Hair and Beauty for doing the beautiful hair and makeup for this shoot. It’s rare (in my opinion) to find a technician who can do both makeup AND hair so I was very excited when I saw her work and I knew I wanted to work with her.

Deb was such a pleasure to work with. She was very calm and self assured and could articulate what I wanted with very little explanation, but she also had some great ideas of her own.

Deb specialises in wedding hair and makeup and you can see more of her work here:

I hope you like our photos! Check out my Facebook or Twitter to leave us a comment. And if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your dream wedding gown, please send me an email or give me a call via my Contact Page.

Sarah Alice Andrews


Colour wedding gowns? They’re so bridal & enhance your look. Here’s the best colour selections:

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Hello to all the lovely brides and wedding professionals reading my post this week,

With all the excitement recently from the bridal shows overseas and MBFWA (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia), there are so many new trends being discovered and so many ideas, it can be hard to decipher the best options for you and your wedding..

But your bridal gown is about far more than just fashion. You’ll have these photos forever and your family will pass your photos down for generations. So you want your wedding gown to have a style that you will always love and be proud of.

Some of the top designers are exploring some very dramatic colourways these last couple of seasons (Think Red and Black!) and some of them look great on the catwalk or red carpet, but they are not necessarily the best options for your wedding day.

If you are thinking about a choice other than the traditional white or ivory, consider these gorgeous hues I have selected that I feel will remain classic and elegant for years to come:

White                                         Silver                                         Antique


  • White or Ivory: A classic and elegant colour choice. A good rule to follow is that the more olive your skin tone, the whiter you can go with your fabric. For paler skin go for an ivory or creamy hue so the gown adds some colour and warmth to your complexion.
  • Silver or Pale Grey: This would look stunning in a French lace with silk organza or dupion beneath it for added texture. Be careful that this colour doesn’t wash you out though. Perhaps hold a piece of fabric up to your face and have a look in the mirror – or get someone to advise you if you’re not sure.
  • Antique or Champagne: It’s a lovely choice because it’s still very traditional but it has a regal feel about it with the gold tones.


Mocha                                       Blush

  • Mocha or Oyster: It’s an unusual option but I’m seeing more of this colour as brides look for something a little different but still within the neutral shades. This colour can range from a goldish hue through to more beige tones.
  • Blush, Rose or Ice Pink: I love this option but you should be careful not to pick an overpowering shade. Even if it looks very pale in the swatch, remember that as a whole gown the effect will be much stronger (and pinker!).


As you can see from my examples above, by sticking to the ‘Pastel’ shades it is possible to choose an unusual and non-traditional colour while not being too shocking and still creating a look that is very Bridal. However the most important thing is to choose the right colour for you. Whether that’s white, ivory, blush, mocha etc.. Maybe you could even venture into a very light cloud colour for your ‘something blue’..

So what colour have you decided you will wear on your wedding day? Share your thoughts on my Facebook page or via Twitter.


Sarah Alice Andrews