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Should you choose Fake Flowers or Real Fresh Blooms for your Wedding Day?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Hello lovely brides & friends,

Recently I have been working on several gowns that I’m doing all the styling – head pieces/veils/choosing the bouquets – the works. So I was trying to decide whether to do a stunning head piece with fresh flowers adorning it or silk ones.. This led me to the question: Will you choose fake or fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet, head piece or table decorations?

I know most of you will say ‘REAL flowers of course!’ But if you stop and think about the benefits of using fake (silk) flowers you’ll start to see the dilemma:

  1. Fake (silk) flowers can last for a lifetime with the proper care, so you can enjoy and cherish them as a keepsake years after your wedding.
  2. Silk flowers are always in season! So no matter what time of year you have planned your wedding or what the weather is like, you are guaranteed to be able to get the flowers you desire.
  3. You can take ‘pack’ your flowers in your suitcase if you’re having a destination wedding. Finding and ordering your bouquet from a local florist in a foreign country, remote island or small beachside town may be a daunting task that you can easily avoid by having your silk flower bouquet arranged and carefully packed to travel with you.
  4. You will have perfect full-looking blooms for all of your wedding photos. Unlike real flowers which only have a certain lifespan, silk flowers will not wilt or bruise. This is perfect if you’re getting married in a hot climate as well..
  5. The exact shade and colour you choose for your silk blooms will be exactly what you receive. When you choose silk flowers you aren’t at the mercy of what the florist can source fresh which can differ slightly from what you chose because nature isn’t always reliable!
  6. Silk flowers are non-allergenic. So if you, your finance or anyone in your bridal party suffers from hay fever or allergies to pollen, they won’t have any problem with the fake flowers!
So, now that I’ve got you possibly thinking about silk flowers for your wedding day, why not get inspired by something even more amazing.. Like a vintage brooch, button or feather bouquet.. I did some searching and I had to make myself stop before I went totally overboard! The list is endless!
Here are some stunning ones I found:


I love this concept “Your Life in Your Bouquet” by Brooch Bouquets find them here.

This one is made by Noaki & you can find her here.

And here is a silk flower bouquet like I’ve been talking about. This one’s by Blue Orchid Bridal.

It will be way too much fun searching for your bridal bouquet with possibilities like these.. I have even found bouquets that use bits of lace.. How pretty if you take some scraps of silk and lace (which I will give you if I design and create your gown and you let me know that this is what you want to do) and take them to your florist or bouquet designer like the ladies above and they can add some of the original lace from your gown to your bouquet..
How pretty..
But don’t get me wrong –  I ADORE fresh flowers! But there are too many stunning bouquets to show here and if you find a wonderful florist or if you have some favourite blooms in mind, you won’t need too much inspiration to come up with a gorgeous bouquet..
Anyway, happy searching!
x Sarah

Video: The Design of a Wedding Gown – Illustrations by a Couture Designer

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Hello to all my lovely friends, brides & clients!

If you’ve ever wondered what a couture fashion designer does when they are creating a new gown design, than this little video will give you some insight!

I get down to basics with lots of sketches.. Putting graphite or pen to paper & getting immersed in creativity before I start draping fabric on the mannequin & creating the real shapes.

It’s very short & simple video created in my studio but I hope you enjoy!


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x Sarah.