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How to choose the Right Bridal Lingerie for your Wedding Gown.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Hi lovely brides & friends,

This blog is a little bit of a short one as it’s a busy time here at my little studio! But I thought I’d share some advice with you on my wide knowledge of Bridal Lingerie. (Another area of expertise of mine).

I will say first that I strongly prefer to help you choose a design that will truly flatter your figure, rather than choosing a style regardless of your shape and then having to find undergarments that will ‘suck’ you in for example, or a bra that will give you enough support when you’re dress is extremely low at the back and can’t have a regular bra or strapless. However whatever style of wedding gown you choose, it is still very important to choose the right undergarments as this is the foundation of your look.

As a bride, I’m sure you’d like your lingerie to be pretty! As far as colours go, if you dress has a couple of layers of lining, shapewell, lots of boning, and silk etc – then technically you could probably wear any colour you liked and it wouldn’t show through! But for safety’s sake I’d suggest you stick to pastel tones (baby blues for your something blue or pale pink, silver, gold etc) or if your gown has only one or two layers of silk satin than it would be best to go with ivory/white or nude colour undergarments.

If you’re gown is very fine or tight, you could go for bottoms with a fine lace that is very smooth. This could be a Chantilly Lace or a Leavers Lace with no elastic or seams around the lower edge. Test out a few in-store by bringing a tight skirt to try them with, or ask for a silk slip if they have one that you can try with it.

If you think that any kind of lace (smooth or not) is going to show through, you could go for ‘Laser Cut’ bottoms. These have no seams and no elastic so they’re the smoothest you can possibly get if you’re worried about seams showing under a tight fitting or a bias cut wedding gown.

La Perla ‘Laser Cut’ Bottoms

If you’d like to wear something controlling, there are a number of options available for you such as the usual styles of ‘Control Briefs’ etc. Choose a good quality brand that will not ‘Roll Down’ – anyone who’s every worn them will know what I’m talking about.) Or a more sexy alternative are ‘Waistcinchers’ which are like a very wide suspender belt that sits underneath your bust and controls your waist. It can also have suspender stockings attached for a glamourous look.

Christies ‘Waistcincher’ with Push-up Bra & G-string

Another option is a ‘Step-In’. This is a brief that stops high on the waist and may also have suspenders attached. It could be boned or be a firm fabric like a control brief but it’s often made in lace so it’s much prettier and doesn’t look like it’s made to control (so it can look like lovely bridal lingerie).

Christies ‘Step-In’ with Wire Bra

If your wedding gown has straps, you may want to consider a bodysuit. These aren’t so popular as they used to be, but they’re great because you don’t get the bra ‘cut-in’ lines or the top brief cut-in lines that you do with regular underwear so you will have a really smooth line. They can also come in really pretty lacey styles in ivory and white. It’s not easy to find really pretty ones, so you might have to go to a specialist, high end lingerie store.

And of course ‘Corsets!’ Incredibly sexy.. You can wear them with suspender stockings if you wish and they are fully boned to give you a really lovely waist-line. Some brides prefer them to a regular strapless bra because they feel more supported and that the bones of the corset will help hold itself in place and stop it sliding better than a strapless bra. Most corsets do up at the back, so when you try it on in the shop you need to make sure you can do it up yourself  – or ask one of your bridesmaids to help you put it on, on the day!

Christies ‘Corset’ with G-String

Things to note:

  •  Check how low the back of your dress is. If you think it’s lower than a regular bra (and you have been advised to wear a bra or corset underneath your gown) then perhaps ask if you can take a photo of you wearing your gown from the back so you can remember how low you need your bra to be when you go shopping. You can also show these pictures to the shop attendants.
  •  Another thing you can do is to have someone mark the line of the back neckline of the dress on your skin and then go shopping (ASAP!) for your bridal lingerie and use the mark as a guide for how low your bra needs to be. I definitely suggest this option as it eliminates any guesswork, but you do need to go shopping for your bridal lingerie before the mark wears off!
  • If you haven’t purchased your wedding gown yet and you do have a particular body issue, talk to your dressmaker or bridal shop assistant about styles that will help disguise this area and flatter your attributes. There are so many options available to you for your wedding day, that there will certainly be a style to suit you perfectly!
  • For example, If you’re worried about your stomach, we could do some lovely soft ruching over your waist line. Or if you want to hide your thighs we could do an elegant A-line shaped silhouette. This would show off your waistline and then the skirt would widen out naturally covering your thighs. Or if you are very busty and need good support, apart from choosing a style that has good construction and boning, we could also try a style with delicate straps so that you have the option of wearing a regular style bra if you wish.
  • It’s so much more elegant, flattering and beautiful to wear a style that truly suits you rather than following fashion on your wedding day. Fashions will come and go but you’ll have your wedding pictures forever.

Hope this gives you a little bit of an idea what to look for when you’re shopping for your bridal lingerie, or even your wedding gown! Send me an email, a tweet or a facebook message if you’d like some help or more tips on any of the things I’ve suggested or if you’d like to leave comments about your experiences on anything I’ve mentioned. (Check my contact page for details).

All items in the photos displayed are available from: unless sold out. Contact them for availability.


xo Sarah


Erin & Rohan’s 1920’s themed wedding at Cabarita Beach.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Hello lovely brides & friends,

I thought you might like to learn a little about our website ‘covergirl’ Erin.

Erin and her husband Rohan were childhood sweethearts. Erin had spent the last couple of years working on yachts in the Caribbean and as a dive instructor. (Wow what a lifestyle!)

Erin chose a very fine silk satin and silk chiffon and I matched it with a very fine lace that I lightly beaded with pearls and bugle beads.

I also created a bridal hair fascinator for her to wear. See the below pictures (one pic is of me making sure I had the proportions right – although it was really designed to sit against Erin’s lovely light curls and not my dark straight hair as you can see!).

I’m very much about designing each piece individually for the bride and I like to ensure every single feature is a perfect reflection of the bride and her style. So a certain amount of imagination is required when I’m creating a piece like this to ensure it’s perfect for Erin!

Erin is a gorgeous, down-to-earth beachy girl and loves the tropics, travel and somehow managed to do her wedding planning while completing a challenging university degree.

I’m so glad Erin loved her gown. I love being creative and I really want to make every single client of mine happy:

“Everyone just loved the dress and it was amazing to wear. You really made my wedding Sarah and I will be recommending you to everyone I know!” – Erin, via email.

I gave Erin the originals of all my illustrations I sketched of her gown during the design phase as a gift and she was going to frame them for her wall. I wish Erin and Rohan a wonderful future and I hope to hear more stories of your adventures – wherever you venture next in the world!

x Sarah

Would you wear a T-Length gown?

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Sometimes I’m approached by brides who would like to wear a t-length wedding dress or something a little shorter than the traditional floor length style. T-length dresses (a skirt usually around knee length) are perfect for a relaxed, informal event such as a beach or destination wedding, or an intimate church wedding with a cocktail party reception.

You might even prefer to wear a full length gown for the ceremony and photos and afterwards you could change into a t-length gown for the reception so you can dance comfortably and move around easily.

Of course wearing a t-length gown means you can show off your gorgeous shoes & pedicure! You could even wear a closed toe shoe and beautiful hosiery – there are so many beautiful lace patterned styles available. (Ask me for suggestions but here are a few I love: PantyhoseAnklet Socks or you could wear an elegant pair of La Perla Stay-Ups or Stockings.

When I’m designing a shorter length gown or a gown that doesn’t have a train, it’s important that the gown still has a very ‘Bridal’ feel and all the splendor and significance of a full length gown and that it doesn’t look too casual.

Maybe this can be achieved with an extra special lace – on a short gown we could add some frivolity such as an all lace skirt with a pretty scalloped hem or silk organza with hand stitched lace appliqued delicately so it’s all frothy and wonderful!

Even adding a silk organza train which can be detached for your reception.

Maybe we could make a special feature of the bodice with ornate beaded lace or lots of intricate panel work such as a gown like this:

On the gown above, the skirt is a gorgeous silk satin in a 50’s style box pleated look, so no other embelishment is needed. How pretty would it be to wear a small fascinator and veil with a gown like this?

Or you could have a pretty low back, we could even add some lace scalloped cap sleeves to this design for a romantic look. A birdcage veil would be so sweet over the face with this gown and we could put some of the same lace motifs into a clip on the side of the veil.

So before you decide to buy or commission a gown you might be wondering if a T-Length gown will suit you. I suggest that you think about the skirt lengths you normally wear. Do you like short or long styles? Are you comfortable showing your knees or would you prefer to hide them? We could make the gown above your knees, just below the knee, or ankle length if you prefer.

T-length gowns can also be any silhouette – even a fitted sheath like style.

If you work with a designer such as myself you will have our expertise to ensure that the length and proportions feel comfortable for you and suit you perfectly. Your gown will be first made up in a calico fabric (basic cotton) and at this stage we can easily change the skirt length and proportions as necessary. Whether it is above the ankle or above the knee we will ensure it suits your silhouette and the type of venue you’ll be wearing it in.

If the fabrics are chosen well and the design is well proportioned we can ensure that your gown sparkles and is truly bridal! So… The next question is: What should your maids wear? Well short length dresses too! Something pretty in a vintage style with plainer fabrics and demure colours, maybe pretty sleeves or shoulder straps, a higher neckline or strapless with soft ruching. You could even have each maid wear a slightly different style for an ecletic mix. – Talk to me about getting your bridesmaids gowns bespoke made too, or I can give you some advice on styles to look for.

x Sarah